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Inspection Services

Excellence in Aerospace Part Inspection

Utilizing our inspection services can be a cost effective way to reduce your inspection backlog and bottlenecks while freeing up valuable resources for core programs. Additional financial and lead time benefits can be realized when our inspection services are coupled with product kitting and JIT inventory strategies. WE at TEI understand that inspection methodology is as important as dimensional accuracy and we will work closely with you to tailor a program that meets all of your needs and expectations. Our automated inspection systems maximize both accuracy and speed and enable us to perform cost effective 100% inspection. Our product inspection and dimensional verification services include: AS9102 First Article Reports, in-process verification, final inspection acceptance and over inspect verification. Reports and data output can be customized to suit your needs.

Our inspection equipment includes:

  • Zeiss CONTURA G2 RDS 10/12/6 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Zeiss CONTURA G2 Activ 7/10/6 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Starrett Galileo AV350+ Enhanced Vision System
  • Wilson Instruments Rockwell® 574 Hardness Tester
  • DeFelsko PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gage
  • Fischer Sigmascope Electrical Conductivity Measuring Instrument
  • Olympus NDT Series 35 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage
  • Ohaus EB6 Digital Scale
  • Mitutoyo PH350 Optical Comparator
  • Mahr/Federal Pocket Surf Profilometer
  • Johnson Indicating Thread Gages
  •  Mitutoyo Height Gages Surface Plate 4’ x 8’ and 3’ x 5’